Q:14) Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can. We operate in a very simple fashion. You will only get the number of pages you have paid for. You can make unlimited number of installments. You just need to tell us the "Order Reference ID" (check your confirmation order email for this number) and we will send you the link to pay for your next order or installment. We follow a simple and easy to follow process. Even if you choose to break-up your payment, you will receive following benefits:

  1. The writing process will not be disturbed at all.
  2. Your writer will keep working on your paper while we take care of the payments, so you are guaranteed on-time delivery without any delay.
  3. Unlike other companies you don’t have to pay a little extra if you break-up your payment.
  4. You’ll still be qualified for the discounts if you order 10 or more pages in each installment.

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