Q:16) When will I receive my paper?

You will get your paper in your inbox either before or on the deadline you mentioned at the order form. We try our best to send papers to customers before 24 hours of the original deadline. All the orders are sent on the day, or the day before you asked for at the order form. For example, if you asked for a 5-day delivery, your paper will be sent on day 5 or day 4 and so on. The normal time for delivery is 10p.m. but during extremely hectic times it will reach you before 12.00 midnight.

We only accept orders that our writers can successfully deliver on time with quality. To prove this point, we have a page-limit to every delivery type you would choose at the order from. Typically, we know that even the best of writers can not produce more than 8-10 pages of well-researched material in a day. We don’t accept orders from customers who request for more than 8 pages in a day. For example, we only accept 16 pages in 2 days. But, if someone requests for 20 pages in 2 days we simply deny it. Furthermore, we only accept 35 orders in a day considering the strength of our writers.

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