Q:05) Who will write my paper?

We have 133 experienced writers online who have written no less than 120 dissertation-level papers and have at least Masters Degrees in various disciplines.

These writers are arranged in groups according to their majors and interests. For example, all the writers with Masters in psychology will be arranged in one group so that they only get psychology-related papers.

We do not accept all the order requests from customers. We only accept orders that our writers can successfully handle. Once a customer asks for a certain topic, his/her query is sent to all the writers in our network. Only relevant writers can bid for the relevant projects. For example, dissertation on psychology will only be opened for the writers who have sufficient background in psychology.

After receiving all the bids from the writers, our support department looks for the following factors before accepting the order from a customer:

  • Current workload of the writer(s)
  • Number of orders successfully completed by a particular writer without any revisions
  • Total writing experience of the related subject
  • Number of refunds caused by the writer
  • Number of deadlines missed by the writer
  • Number of revisions received by the writer
  • Positive remarks received by the customers

After analyzing all the above factors we accept or deny a particular order request. If we find all the above factors to be satisfactory then only we accept the order. And if we are not satisfied with any one of the above factors, we simply refund your money.

Although it is our responsibility to deliver the product of your exact specifications, but your contribution in getting the desired product is invaluable. That is why after accepting the order we provide complete one-to-one online interaction between you and the writer.

To get a paper of your exact requirements, there is no better way, but to explain your requirements to the writer and later on keep a check when the paper is in progress. Once you place the order, you can discuss and plan the whole paper including deadlines with the assigned writer. Also you can check your order status and see parts of the paper that your writer has done, to know that he/she is on the right track. All these factors lead to only thing and that is a product of your precise specifications. The writer and you, both, will remain anonymous throughout the project.

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