Q:09) Do you take information from a specific book or source?

Yes, we will gladly make use of any sources that you require. At the order form, you can either give us your library access, so the writer could access the exact sources to be used in your project or upload the sources as attachments to the ordered paper. For individuals, who like the traditional way, there is a fax number, and we will be happy to process your fax and then deliver it to the writer.

Our writers have unlimited 24/7 access to university and college libraries in US and UK. They have also access to encyclopedias, journals, case studies, periodicals, newspapers, and articles to write your paper from the sources you want.
When ordering a paper you have to be very precise about the sources to be utilized in your custom paper. In case if you are not aware of the sources to be used, we will gladly help you out and suggest you the most suitable sources.

If you would like your writer to use the precise sources, you have to state them in the description field of the order form. If the sources you need are not available to our writers (neither online nor in libraries), you will have to send them via electronic mail, fax or postal mail. In case you do not mention any specific sources, the right to select the sources for your paper is transferred to our writers. You can send the sources to:

Educational Writing LLC®
501 Silverside Road, Suite 105
Wilmington, DE  19809

You can also fax your sources to: (302) 261-7426

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