"So, Your Academic Paper Has Returned Again For Editing?"
Here are 5 Key Areas to Edit That Will Surely Set Your Academic Paper for Approval!
By Derek Gendron Director of Educational Writing LLC

Is your academic paper returned once again with red slashes all over it for you to make grammatical, spelling and punctuation corrections? And you just don't know how to do academic paper editing this time as you've already employed all possible ways to correct it.
You have run MS Word spell check numerous times, you've get it read by someone else and even the trick of posting it to Yahoo Answer for others to edit didn't work….You are in dire strait as you will definitely get a very poor grade or fail your degree.

If you could just take five minutes out to read the article about 5 Key Areas of Academic Editing That Will Get Your Paper Approved By Your Supervisor Or Teacher, then this is it! I challenge you read this entire page and still get your academic paper for another edit…

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If you have to do...

  • Dissertation Editing
  • Thesis Editing
  • Term Paper Editing
  • Essay Editing

... then you are going to discover 5 Most Overlooked Areas of Paper Editing

  1. Clean up the glut. Your first draft writing is like vomiting: You just make an effort to bring everything up and out as quickly as possible. However, once you’re done, it’s good to revisit and clean up. Eradicate needless words and paragraphs, chuck out redundancy and tighten your copy.

  2. Check your word flow. Sentences and paragraphs always sound better when they fall out of our brains and onto the page, but similar to fruits, they are likely to rot as time passes. Return to your draft and read out loud if you have to.

  3. Check for clarity. Your writing must be apparent and the reader should quickly grab the message. A good rule for writing is: Tell readers what you’re going to tell them, tell them and then tell them what you’ve just told them.

  4. Check your grammar. Again, don’t rely too heavily on machines. There are always faults that the computer fails to see and you don’t fancy them going off to the supervisor or teacher.

  5. Check your spelling. Computer spell checkers don’t catch everything. They won’t correct the word “there” when you actually intended to use the word “their”, which is why you have to actually read through your whole draft to be certain you’ve employed all the right words and spelled them properly.

Here is a sample edit of a paragraph from
PhD Candidate's Dissertation...


Editing Sample Before


Editing Sample After

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