Fahrenheit 451 Book Report

, A complete and concise study guide to write book report on Fahrenheit 451.

Fahrenheit 451 Study Guide

This study guide will reveal you the most comprehensive overview of around a 143-page book of Fahrenheit 451. It will guide you to the right directions of book report writing task of Fahrenheit 451. This guide will cover:

  • Book Information
  • Setting
  • List of characters
  • Review of main characters
  • Summary
  • Themes

Fahrenheit 451 Setting Book Info

Fahrenheit 451 is one of the best literary works written by Ray Douglas Bradbury. The genre of the novel is Dystopian. It was written 1947–1953 in The United States. The novel was published in 1953.

Fahrenheit 451 Setting

The setting of the novel describes a nameless city in America in the future.

Fahrenheit 451 Character List

The list of the characters present in the novel Fahrenheit 451.

  • Guy Montag
  • Captain Beatty
  • Mildred Montag
  • Faber
  • Clarisse McClellan
  • Granger
  • Mrs. Phelps
  • Mrs. Bowles

Fahrenheit 451 Main Characters’ Review

  • Guy Montag: He is a fireman works at the fire station owned by Captain Beatty. He feels pride when he destroys by fire the illegally possessed books and homes of people. Having met Clarisse McClellan, he starts feeling dissatisfied with his whole life including his job, marriage, and the environment he is in. When Clarisse dies, he starts reading the books which he had collected clandestinely but never read them. Book reading gives him courage to take practical step against the repressive society.

  • Clarisse McClellan: Clarisse is a teenage girl and neighbor to Montag. She has a peace-loving nature and dislikes the brutal, risk-taking and carefree activities of fellow beings. She likes to have a walk and talk. She is interested in watching the beauty of nature. She loves to interact with other people.

Fahrenheit 451 Summary

It is a brief Fahrenheit 451 summary.
Guy Montag is a fireman who seems to be satisfied with his job of burning illegal books and homes. He discovers that he is, in fact, dissatisfied with his overall life after meeting his neighbor a teenage girl, Clarisse McClellan.

One day he comes home back, he finds his wife, Mildred, has taken a bottle full of sleeping pills. At that he badly feels that he is unhappy. Mildred is rescued and does not even remember about it and get busy with her TV.

Next week, Montag caries on talking to Clarisse and inspects his life. Once talking to Beatty, Montag asks him if ever firemen stopped fires instead of igniting them. Right at the moment, alarm rings and the firemen go to an elderly woman’s house. The old lady says no to leave her house and gets herself burnt dead.

The same night, Montag asks his wife about their first meeting place but none of them remembered it. Mildred informs Montag that Clarisse has been murdered. Montag does not go to work since he is haunted by the sight of old woman’s death and news of Clarisse’s death.

Beatty visits Montag’s home lectures about the censorship history, mass media, culture, rise of satisfaction and firemen’s role in society as “official censors, judges, and executors.” Beatty tells him that it is alright if a fireman keeps a book for 24 hours.

After Beatty is gone, Montag shows his wife twenty books, including a Bible, which he’s been concealing. They both decide to read books in search of the solutions to their problems. Mildred quit reading and asks Montag to do so.

Then Montag visits a retired English professor, Mr Faber, to seek help. While going to his house, Montag crams some extracts of the Bible. Faber fears of Montag’s visit but finally agrees to help out Montag in a plan to weaken the firemen. They manage a tiny two-way radio to talk to each other.

When Montag returns home, he sees his wife’s friends watching TV. Montag gets angry and forcefully read out a poem to them. They leave his house with displeasure.

When Montag goes to work, Beatty laughs at him courting his ideas with opposing quotations telling that books are of no use. Montag hands over a book to Beatty and is forgiven. All of a sudden, the alarm rings. The firemen proceed to the address given in the truck. The house to burn turns out to be Montag’s house.

The moment they reach, Mildred runaway in a taxi because she called the firemen.  Beatty urges Montag to burn his house telling him he’s under arrest too. Beatty also finds the two-way radio and decide to trace the source. Finally Montag kills Beatty.

Being an escapee, he goes to Faber and then moves to the river floating downstream to safety. Montag finds a group of old men at abandoned railroad tracks who were formerly academics and theologians.

The next morning, the enemy attacks and the war breaks out and ends rapidly. The city is badly destroyed. Montag weep for Mildred. He finally recalls that they met in Chicago. Montag lead the group of old men and move to the city to help the survivors.


Fahrenheit 451 Themes

While reading the novel Fahrenheit 451, you will find the following themes.

  • Mass Media
  • Censorship
  • Knowledge vs. Ignorance
  • Traditionalism vs. Individuality
  • Distraction vs. gladness
  • Action vs. Inaction
Fahrenheit 451 Book Report
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