Lord Of The Flies Book Report

Lord of the Flies Book Info

Lord of the Flies is one of the greatest pieces of literature, written by William Golding. It is an adventurous novel. It was written England and got published in 1954. It is 291 page book of standard size.

Lord of the Flies Setting:

In the book it is shown a deserted tropical island in the middle of a nuclear world war.

List of Characters in Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the flies has the following characters:


  • Ralph
  • Piggy
  • Jack
  • Simon
  • Roger
  • The Lord of the Flies
  • Samneric
  • Phil
  • Henry
  • Maurice
  • Robert
  • Bill

Lord Of The Flies Thesis Statement

 Of Major Characters

There is a brief sketch of Lord of the Flies thesis statement of major characters:

  1. Ralph: Ralph is the strongest boy on island, but he doesn’t misuse his strength. He wants to follow the rules and regulations established on moral grounds. He always takes care of others in group when they need him. Ralph actually is a symbol of law, government, and civil society.
  2. Piggy: Piggy is the sharpest boy on island. Since he is obese and suffers from asthma, he is the weakest physically among the begins. He also supports the idea of civilization and law. He also reasons through problems, but he rarely works because of his obesity. He represents science and sagacity.
  3. Jack: Jack is the chief of hunters on island. He has a dominant nature. He favors laws and rules only to penalize other boys. He loves hunting and killing so that he can show his dominance. He gets enraged when he is not obeyed. Jack denotes human love of supremacy and command.

Lord of the Flies Summary

Here is a brief outline of Lord of the Flies Summary.

An English schoolboys group stuck in an island when their plane is shot down in the middle of a war. Ralph and Piggy find a conch shell. Ralph blows it and all the boys on island get together.

They hold an assembly and the boys elect Ralph their leader through election. Ralph nominates Jack the chief of hunters’ group. Ralph, Jack, and Simon explore the island and find out wild pigs.

Then the boys make rules to manage themselves. The first rule is that who wishes to voice his opinion at assembly must hold the conch.

At the meeting, one young boy claims to see a “beastie” in the jungle. Ralph takes it to be just a nightmare.

Ralph proposes to build a signal fire at the mountain peak so that any passing-by ships can see its smoke and save them. They use Piggy’s spectacles to light the fire. They do it carelessly and the forest on fire. The boy who saw the beastie disappears when jungle caught fire for good.

Ralph gets annoyed when nobody gives him a helping hand to make shelters. Jack becomes so obsessed about hunting.

The jealousy between Ralph and Jack explodes when Jack compels those boys who to come hunting who are appointed to keep an eye on signal fire.

They hunt their first pig meanwhile a ship goes by while the signal fire is out. It causes a argument between Ralph and Jack. Ralph calls for meeting expecting to correct things. But the meeting turns out to be devastating.

The same night, a dead parachutist falls on the mountain peak near signal fire. On duty boys takes him to be the beast.

Ralph and Jack begin searching island for the beast. While searching for the beast, they discover a rock could be used as a fort, but don’t find the beast.

To prove themselves daring, they climb the mountain in the dark. They see the parachutist and believe he’s the beast.

Next morning, Jack defies Ralph’s power at assembly. Although Ralph wins, Jack parts his way with many older boys. Jack’s tribe paint their faces, hunt, and kill a pig.

While Jack is having a feast, Simon clamber the mountain and finds the parachutist. Simon comes back to inform others the fact about the “beast”. The boys become so frantic in the feast that they think Simon is the beast and kill him.

Jack takes his boys to the rock fort. Ralph, Piggy and the twins also go to steal the glasses to light fire. Jack’s tribe confines the twins while Piggy gets killed.

Somehow Ralph escapes. Finally Jack’s tribe captures Ralph on the beach. Meanwhile the burning jungle attracts a British Naval ship. An officer comes to the shore.

The boys stop and stare at the man. He lightheartedly asks if the boys are doing it for fun or there were any casualties. The officer is shaken when Ralph tells the facts. Ralph begins weeping. Soon the other also boys start crying. The officer looks away to his warship.

Lord Of The Flies Themes

Lord of the flies themes fall under the following titles:

  • Human Nature
  • Spirituality
  • Civilization
  • Savagery
  • Religion
  • The Weak
  • The Strong
  • Loss of Innocence

Lord Of The Flies Thesis Statement More Tips

Writing Lord of the Flies thesis statement is one difficult task. It requires much of your precious to go through 291 pages and then taking notes to make a comprehensive review. For quick and reliable tips to write Lord of the Flies thesis statement efficiently Click Here.

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