Classification Essay

, Learn the 7-step guideline to write a perfect classification essay.

What Is Classification Essay


A classification essay organizes things, people, places, etc. into categories/classes/types/kinds and presents examples and qualities of the subjects things matter that fit into each class.

How To Write Classification Essay


Writing a classification essay might not be as bothering as it seems. All you need to get is how to gather and organize the information to write a classification essay. There are 7 perfect tips for writing a classification essay with easy steps.

  1. Having selected the topic, your next task is to conduct a research on the subject about which you have to write a classification essay.
  2. Have a thorough observation of the categories of the subject.
  3. Divide them on the basis of their characteristics, importance or amount. For instance; you can divide the grocery item list on the basis of need.
  4. Now make three or four categories of items such as everyday need, weekly need, and monthly.
  5. Arrange these categories in a logical order like most to least, smallest to biggest.
  6. Give equal importance to each category with specified examples.
  7. Write your classification essay according to the give below classification essay outline.

Classification Essay Outline

This is a sample classification essay outline to help you get how you will have to present your classification essay when you write one.

Classification Essay Title


  1. Introductory sentence to hook reader’s attention
  2. Main topic/categories
  3. Thesis statement with controlling idea restricting the types/classes of the subject by putting in a number

Body Paragraphs

Category One (Less Important) ______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

Detail of Category


Main Category Two ________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

Detail of Category

  1. ____
  2. ____
  3. ____
  4. ____

Category Three (Most Important) ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

Detail of Category



  1. Summary of categories
  2. Restatement of thesis statement

Writing Classification Essay Topic Sentences

  1. The currently on-air TV shows can be classified into three kinds.
  2. The chronic drinkers can be grouped into two types.
  3. History of English Literature is classified into five different eras.
  4. The feeling of love can be divided into three kinds such as parental devotion, friendship, and romantic appeal.
Classification Essay Topics

These are some helpful topics for classification essay so that you can get a good idea of developing your own classification essay topics.

  1. Classify the kinds of alcoholics
  2. Classification of people in or out of jobs
  3. Types of laughs or sneezes
  4. Classification of countries according to the consumption of soft drinks
  5. Classify the on-air television shows
  6. Types of jobs teenagers generally prefer

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