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What is

College Admission Essay


College admission essays are required when a student applies to get admission in that very school or college. It is a usual process to get to know more about the students and their language skills and knowledge.

Importance Of

Writing College Admission Essays


Although admission essays have a great importance before the admission since they help students getting admission in the school or college of their choice, the importance of it does depend and vary from college to college. Some colleges and schools consider admission essay very important. On the other hand, some colleges and schools may not give much importance to admission essays.

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 Topic Help:

Topic choice also depends and varies from one college to the other. Usually schools or colleges give a multiple choice to applicant to write the admission essay. While many others let the applicants write the admission essay on the topic of his/her own choice.

Examples Of College Admission Essays


If you are given open choice to select the admission essay topic, you should choose the one which tells much about who you are. The most common college admission essay topics are as following:

  • Essay about your family
  • Your Trip to a foreign country
  • Career goals
  • Academic Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Past Recollections
  • Reasons for Applying to a Particular School

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Since college admission essay is a step that you need to take very carefully or else you might lose a good academic career opportunity and a college of your own choice. Therefore you should find and collect enough information about college admission essay writing which can help you to get through it successfully.