Compare And Contrast Essay

, Write and Compare your essay after reading this article and you will definitely find a contrast to your previous writings.

Don’t forget it will be a positive contrast; can’t believe, give it a try now.

Compare And Contrast Essay – Definition

Before you jump to write compare and contrast essay, let’s understand what a compare and contrast essay means. Understanding of compare and contrast essay will help you to focus your writing.

Compare and contrast essay compare ahs two parts; compare and contrast.

  1. Compare: It shows how things, persons, places, etc. are same.
  2. Contrast: It shows how things, persons, places, etc. differ from each other.

Compare And Contrast Essay Writing





This is a golden rule and should be your fist attempt for any sort of writing that you search such a topic that interests you and you are familiar with it. It is important to keep you enthusiastic in your work.

Next, you need to make an outline in the following manner since you will have to compare and/or contrast the qualities of the things, places or persons you are writing compare and contrast essay about.

First of all, you have to sort out the qualities of each subject.
Now compare all these qualities to each other. You will find some similar and dissimilar qualities.

To record these qualities in a systematic way, use the following table.

Qualities of subject “A”

Common Quality

Qualities of subject “B”

Quality # 1

Quality # 1

Quality # 2

Quality # 2

Quality # 3

Quality # 3

Now you have got all the similar and dissimilar qualities that you can compare and contrast.

It is time to follow the given below compare and contrast essay format. Put all the discovered information in accordance with the compare and contrast essay format. There you will have your compare and contrast essay done.

Compare And Contrast Essay Format

A sample of compare and contrast essay format that will surely clear all the cobwebs in your mind relating to compare and contrast essay format.

Thesis Statement

Quality #1 for paragraph #2

Specific support ________________________________________________________________

Comparative/Contrasting Qualities for paragraph #2

Quality #2 for paragraph #3

Comparative/Contrasting Qualities for paragraph #3

Specific support ________________________________________________________________

Quality #3 for paragraph #4

Comparative/Contrasting Qualities for paragraph #4

Specific support _________________________________________________________________


Compare And Contrast Thesis Statement


This is a sample of compare and contrast thesis statement on the subject of Moses and Joshua.

“The Old Testament characters Moses and Joshua are near reflections of each other, as they carry out analogous roles and direct the Israelites in a same fashion. However, the lesser degree of the miracles that Joshua does can be seen as a successful legendary practice for support the idea that Moses was greater than any Old Testament prophet to pursue him.”

In this compare contrast thesis statement the differences is used between the two characters to point to a broader idea, recognizing a literary technique in the Bible.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

A list of compare and contrast essay topics for your practice of writing compare and contrast essay.

  1. Compare your childhood to your youth
  2. How a teacher differs from a merchant
  3. How fruits are better than vegetables?
  4. Renting vs. Home Ownership
  5. Difference between jazz and rock
  6. Online studies vs. classroom studies
  7. Yahoo search engine vs. Google search engine
  8. Comparison between high school life and college life
  9. A holiday on a resort vs. camping
  10. Comparison between two great political leaders