Controversial Essay

, learn to write controversial essays that will create a controversy that how could a student write like an expert teacher.

What Are 

Controversial Essays


The meaning of the word “controversial” in dictionary described as;

  1. Intense public argument
  2. Disagreement
  3. Disapproval

So the controversial essay means writing on hot issues or burning question. The subjects discussed in controversial essays are debatable since many people favor while many others disfavor them.

How To Write A Controversial Essay


To write a controversial essay is a very interesting task since it has a burning question to argue about. You have to write to get reader agree with you who have opposing views. These guidelines for writing controversial essays have two major steps as controversial essay topic selection and controversial essay writing. Let’s discuss about selection of topics for controversial essay writing.

  1. Selecting Controversial Essay Topics
    Controversial essay topic selection consists of the following 4 stages.
    1. Make general or broad Categories
    2. Select one particular category which interest you most
    3. Brainstorm the selected category
    4. Narrowing down the ideas of brainstorming to one specific topic

How To write A Controversial Essay


This step is about researching and gathering information on the narrowed down topic. As you have come to a specific topic now, you need to see a complete scenario of this issue. For instance you choose to write about America-Iran issue. Here you can focus on:

  1. relationship in past
  2. beginning of issue
  3. causes
  4. issue’s development factors
  5. both countries individual point of views
  6. current position
  7. role of other countries

Compile all the data in a logical sequence eliminating unnecessary material.
Write your controversial essay according to the standard essay format as per requirement.    

Controversial Essay

List of controversial essay topics will let you explore ion what way a simple subject can turn into a Controversial essay topics.

  • Does religion enslave us?
  • Should women join the armed forces?
  • Role of United nations in international disputes
  • Human Cloning
  • Use of steroids in sports
  • At what extent, press should be free?
  • Freedom of expression
  • Abortion: a lawful right or a murder