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What Is An

Expository Essay


When we search the meaning of word ‘expository’ in a dictionary, we find its meaning as explanatory, instructive, informative. In the light of these meanings, we can define expository essay that it is a form of essay which describes the writing styles:

  • Describe events
  • Give directions
  • Present  ideas
  • Describe objects
  • Describe a process

What About Your

Expository Essay Prompt


If you have been assigned your expository essay prompt, you just need to stay calm and focused rather panicking all around. Now you just need to figure out the type of prompt whether it is about describing process, event, object or something else.

Writing Expository Essay

Thesis Sentence:

First of all, develop your and introduce the thesis sentence along with controlling idea. Use of controlling idea is necessary because it limits your topic sentence.

Likewise the last sentence of the first paragraph, you hook the reader to read the second body paragraph.

Decide The Method Of Expository Essay:

Now you need to settle on the form of the expository essay if it is cause and effect, definition, compare and contrast, classification or process instructions.

Paragraphing Of Expository Essay:

Normally an expository essay is written in the format of a 5 paragraph essay.

The Introductory Paragraph:

  • Topic Sentence
  • First Example
  • Second Example
  • Third Example
  • Conclusion

Second Paragraph:

  • Introduce first example as topic sentence
  • Justify your topic sentence
  • Concluding Sentence

Third Paragraph:

  • Follow the same pattern as in second paragraph.
    NOTE: You may write the number of paragraphs according to the requirement of your expository essay.

Concluding Paragraph:

  • In the conclusion paragraph, you actually give the recap of the introductory and body paragraphs.

Expository Essay Examples

 Of Transitions:

To write your expository essay cohesively, you need to include appropriate transitional words such as:

First(ly), Second(ly) most importantly after next then last

Topics For Expository Essays:

Expository essay topics are selected on the basis of explanation, information, instruction, or description. There is a list of expository essay topics to show what type of topic you can choose to write expository essay.

  • Explain Plato’s ideal state.
  • Describe how music affects your life.
  • What ate the advantages of learning a second language?
  • Define what is happiness?
  • Explain four benefits of taking exercise.