Introduction To

Cause Effect Essays

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What Is A

Cause And Effect Essay?

The cause and effect essay is written on the reason of the happening and explains about the results of the occurrence.
We can discuss both causes and effects in a cause effective essay, but it depends upon the requirement of the topic. It is not necessary to use both aspects; you can use either causes or effects.

Getting Started With

Writing Cause Effect Essays


It is quite obvious that in this kind of essay, you are to answer “what” and “why”.  So you may begin writing your cause effect essay on the following guidelines:

  1. Start your essay explaining event and then tell about its outcome.
  2. You can also state a problem following its causes and then results.

Cause Effect Essay Outline For Introduction:

You need to include the following things in the introductory paragraph:

  • Background information relating to topic
  • A hint to thesis
  • The primary cause with contributing causes
  • Effects of the cause

Cause And Effect Essay – Body:

  • State the first primary cause follows with rest of the causes
  • Now introduce all the effects
  • Use all transition and signal words which are necessary and appropriate

Conclusion Of Cause Effect Essay:

  • Restate the thesis and origin for the effects
  • Present solution to the problem

Cause Effect Essay – Signal Words:

When you are writing a cause effect essay, you need to use many transitions and signal words to identify and link the causes and effects. There are many words which show different categories like cause and effect, degrees of certainty, levels of importance.

Cause And Effect

Degrees Of Certainty

Levels Of Importance

As a result Because Consequently Due to If....then Leads to Therefore Thus certainly may necessarily perhaps possibly probably undoubtedly unquestionably certainly may necessarily perhaps possibly probably undoubtedly unquestionably

Cause Effect Essay Topics


You can choose the following topics for writing a cause effect essay. You can decide whether to write about causes or effects or both if necessary.

  • What effects of a society does a person have on his personality?
  • What effects of stress do you have on you?
  • Explain what caused your favorite author to write?
  • What were the effects of it on him?
  • What are the effects of television on study habits?
  • How can an individual cause an effect on the environment?
  • What are the usual causes and effects of being rude in the school?

Cause Effect Essays
– Considerable Points:
  • To discover and analyze, you simply need to answer “why” and “what”. These are the key questions to take you to the clear difference between causes and effects.
  • You should use at most three causes and effects in a cause effect essay.
  • Start a new paragraph for each cause or effect.