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What Is A Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive essays are written to argue and convince the reader to agree with the facts, arguments and conclusions that the writer presents in his/her essay. In short, it convinces the reader to accept writer’s point of view.

How To Write A Persuasive Essay

There are thorough guidelines on writing persuasive essay. Just follow the steps as they appear in order to write an outstanding persuasive essay.

Purpose Of 

Writing A Persuasive Essay


Your first task is to be clear about what you expect and what would be the result of your arguments about the topic you are going to write. To determine all this you just need to answer these questions:

  • What do you look forward to achieving?
  • What is the importance of your chosen topic?
  • What benefits would be gained?
  • What problems would be solved?
  • How would it change the current situation?
  • What questions would be answered?
  • How it would affect people?

Persuasive Essays - Introduction:

In the introduction of persuasive essay, you should introduce the subject matter and state your opinion clearly. Your aim here is to hook your reader's attention.

Persuasive Essays – Body:

You should include the following parts in the body paragraphs:

  • Present the points in support of your main idea
  • Focus on one point in each paragraph
  • Support your ideas with strong and appropriate facts and examples

Persuasive Essays – Conclusion:

The conclusion covers these points:

  • Restate the main idea and supporting arguments
  • Connect and persuade your reader to your arguments

Free examples of persuasive essays


  • Use of animals for scientific researches. Agree or disagree with reasons.
  • Convince your friend why he should lose a few pounds.
  • Convince your parents to buy you something.
  • Give reasons to your sister why she should help Mom in doing house chores.
  • Why do you think human cloning is or isn’t wrong?

Free Persuasive Essays

 Writing Tips:

There are some useful and helpful tips for writing a persuasive essay:
  • Focus your ideas. Avoid using irrelevant arguments.
  • Have at least two or may be three strong reasons to support your argument.
  • Use simple language for the common readers.
  • Be careful about using grammar; don’t confuse tense structure
  • Be brief; don’t complicate and lengthen the arguments.