5 Important “For and Against” Facts for Writing a Term Paper on Abortion

Today, abortion has become one of the most debatable and controversial issue across the globe. Murdering an unborn for no reason is morally wrong but abortion is the right of a woman. Many people across the globe consider abortion to be a wrong act, similarly, millions of people favor abortion. Writing term paper on abortion is confusing for students to decide whether they should go for and against in their abortion terms papers.

In order to guide students in writing their abortion term paper, here are 5 important “for and against” facts on abortion:

5 Facts in favor of Abortion:

  • Abortion is the fundamental right of a woman under the constitution of United States.
  • Abortion is a safe medical procedure with the infection rate of less than 1% to a woman.
  • Fiscally, abortion reduces funding by the government and social services.
  • In case of rape or incest, a woman should go for abortion to avoid any psychological harm.
  • Unwanted children would most likely become criminals; therefore, abortion is the favorable choice to decrease crime rates.       

5 Facts against Abortion:

  • Abortion is akin to murder since no one has right to take the life of innocent.
  • Adoption is the better alternative to abortion since every child is a blessing of God.
  • Abortion is a risky process with loads of complexities.
  • Psychologically, abortion is a painful and stressful process for women.
  • In the light of bible, you will find abortion to be the wrong act.

Hopefully, facts listed above for and against abortion will aid you in your abortion term paper.