Acid Rain Term Paper

How to Write Acid Rain Term Papers?

Writing term papers on acid rain is a common practice for students in colleges. For acquiring good grades, students should be very informative and descriptive in their acid rain term papers. Acid rain is the problem that requires global concern; therefore, there are loads of things that students need to include in their acid rain term paper.

Here is a step by step guideline that will help students in writing their acid rain term papers along with the things that they should include in their acid rain term paper:

Step 1

Introduction: First of all, you should utilize a hook in the first sentence of your term paper in order to grab the attention of readers. You can either utilize a question or quote as the hook of your paper. Here is the question that you may ask to bring interest for readers in your term paper:

Why is acid rain a big problem to our environment?

After utilizing the hook for your acid rain term paper, you will introduce your topic along with the thesis statement. Here is one example of thesis statement regarding the term paper on acid rain:

Although, acidic rain was discovered in 1852 but it was not until 1960 when scientists realized extent of the problem that was causing aquatic animals and plants to die and polluting the environment”.  

Step 2
Body Paragraphs: In body paragraphs, you are going to broaden your viewpoint on acid rain. In first body paragraph, you should describe the history of a problem; then you should mention the extent, effects and possible solutions to overcome this problem in your next body paragraphs respectively.  

Step 3
Conclusion: In conclusion of acid rain term papers, students should restate their thesis on acid rain and sum up the main points.

You should list down the sources that you have utilized for your acid rain term paper in the required citation style. In a nutshell, students should follow preceding guidelines in order to come up with an effective term paper on acid rain.