Art History Term Paper

Free Tips for Writing Art History Term Papers

Art history term papers are lengthy research based documents that demonstrate the comprehensive knowledge of students about the subject. Students can either adopt analytical or narrative approach for writing an art history term paper. In analytical approach, students need to defend an argument in the light of evidences while in narrative approach; students are required to describe the topic on the basis of facts.

Whether students prefer to write their art history term paper by following a narrative or analytical approach, the basic structure of writing art history term papers remain the same. In order to guide students in writing their art history term papers, here are a few tips for them:

  • One of the best ways to start your term paper is that you provide details of the object about which you are assigned to write your art history term paper.
  • You should also ask specific research questions about the topic to bring interest for   readers in your term paper.
  • Thesis statement should be a derivative of the work associated with your subject matter.
  • As you are writing a term paper on art history; therefore, you should prefer the Art Bulletin style of writing.
  • If your art history term paper is dealing with the biography of an artist; then body of your paper should begin with a short summary about that artist. In other paragraphs of your body, you should be dealing with the artwork of an artist rather than discussing the life of an artist.
  • If your term paper is about the historical object of art; then, you have to relate the artwork of an object with your thesis through arguments. You should connect your thesis statement with the artwork through references.
  • In conclusion, you should restate your thesis statement and present your findings to the audience in a few sentences.

In a nutshell, students should keep the preceding tips in their mind while writing their art history term papers in order to come up with a good term paper on art and history.