Astronomy Term Paper

What are Some Good Ideas for Writing an Astronomy Term Paper?

Astronomy is the subject that deals with celestial bodies; therefore, one has to think as an astronomer for coming up with an effective term paper on astronomy. Research questions in astronomy term papers should grab the attention of your audience. Students should present their ideas in an effective manner in order to create a good astronomy term paper. Here are some good ideas in order to help students in creating an effective term paper on astronomy:

Idea # 1: One good idea of writing an astronomy term paper would be that you write your paper on extra solar planet, Super Earth. You may discuss about the known and unknown temperatures of Super Earth in your paper.

Idea # 2: As an astronomy student, it is mandatory for you to think as an astronomer to realize the facts associated with astronomy. If you start observing the variable stars carefully; then, you will realize that these stars possess a unique difference. You should select the star that you think is the most different among them, construct a hypothesis about the star and defend your hypothesis in your astronomy term paper.    

Idea # 3: Another good way of writing astronomy term papers is to find out answers to specific research questions on astronomy throughout your term paper. Here are a few good questions on astronomy that you may explore throughout your term paper on astronomy:

Q1. Is there any evidence of the fact that: “Light travels in a vacuum”?
Q2. What are the factors that one should consider before buying a telescope?
Q3. Why Galileo is erroneously credited for the invention of a telescope?

 In short, these were a few ideas to aid astronomy students in their term papers.