Biology Term Paper

What are Some Good Topics for Writing Biology Term Paper?

Biology term paper is an academic requirement for students to complete their course on biology. Topics of biology term papers vary according to the level of students. For high level students, biology term paper topics are simple and require only the references but topics for graduate and undergraduate biology term papers are elaborative; thus, research is essential for graduate or undergraduate papers.

Biology is a vast field; therefore, there are loads of topics from which students may choose the topic of their choice in a biology term paper. Although, there are many topics in biology but it does not mean that students should select any topic for writing a term paper on biology. Students should only select the topic of their interest for writing a biology term paper.

In order to aid students in writing their biology term papers, here is the list of some good topics on biology: 

  • How does Avian Influenza evolve and spread among the people?
  • Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – A Theory in Danger!
  • Physiological Effects of Diving.
  • How Gene Therapy is used for the treatment of Genetic disorders?
  • Functions of the Liver.
  • Why are honey bees dying?
  • Migration of Whales.
  • Vestigial Structures.
  • Evolution of Life.
  • Is cloning ethically the right act?

These were a few topics on biology from which students may select the topic of their choice for writing biology term papers. It is better if students select the topic of their interest for biology term paper because selecting a topic of their interest will definitely help them to do well in their paper.