Capital punishment term paper

What are some good arguments for writing a pro capital punishment term paper?

Capital Punishment or Death Penalty has become a controversial topic in the United States today as some people believe it to be the right act while others treat it to be wrong. As capital punishment is a controversial topic; therefore, students are being either assigned a topic in favor or against the issue in their capital punishment term paper.

Majority across the globe considers capital punishment to be ethically right; thus, pro capital punishment term papers are more common than a con capital punishment term paper.

Students should present strong arguments in pro capital punishment term papers to let their papers standout.

Here are some good arguments on capital punishment that will aid the students in writing their capital punishment term paper:

Argument # 1: A murderer should never be forgiven from capital punishment as forgiving the murderer will risk the lives of thousands of innocents”.  
Argument # 2: “In the book of Exodus, it is clearly stated under the verse 24 of chapter 21: eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot; thus, death penalty is a fair act in the light of religion”.
Argument # 3: “Capital punishment is good for all of us since it eliminate the person who should be killed for good”.  
Argument # 4: “Death penalty gets rid of criminals from the society; thus, it is wrong to say that capital punishment is ethically wrong”.

These were a few good arguments to help students in writing pro capital punishment term papers. In a nutshell, students should know the ins and outs of death penalty for coming up with effective arguments for their paper on capital punishment.